The Excom Publishing Journey

Excom Publishers was started by teachers, for teachers and their learners. 

An initial matric Studying Business  textbook in 2008 to address the new curriculum requirements  was soon followed by textbooks for Grade 10 and 11, as well as the innovative Summary Workbooks which have been popular since their inception, provide learners with concise note-taking and examination preparation tools.

EMS (Economic and Management Sciences) were a logical next step and Excom Publishers provides schools with the choice of Classic versions, or the Accounting versions in both Grades 8 and 9. The Grade 7 book was done as a result of requests from a variety of schools.

It has always been the team's aim to provide equal resources to Afrikaans learners, notwithstanding the fact that it is a very small niche market. This year we have revamped and re-edited these books in detail and we trust that our Afrikaans schools will be pleased with the new product.

In 2012 we expanded our subject offering and included Studying Science textbooks which has opened the doors to new subjects and other offerings.  In the same year we also launched Studying Research – a workbook to assist learners in all subjects with proper research methodology which is an essential life skill, especially for learners proceeding to University.

We have always outsourced to authors, editors and other experts in order to provide the best possible resources and we continue to do this as we look at new subjects and new product offerings.

2013 saw us teaching aspects such as market analysis and innovation in our classrooms, but it also challenged us to recognise market trends in the textbook industry. After much research and with the help of a superb team of experts in the various fields, we were able to launch both our first books in full colour, as well as our eBooks.

In 2015 we saw the exciting addition of Studying Life Orientation – a subject that compliments the commercial subjects and exposes learners to a holistic outlook in order to cope with the fast changing and challenging world around them.

The result of all this innovation necessitated a new brand image and website, and we hope that you agree that both have been positive changes! We invite you to visit and browse through the resources and newsletters which provide topical and creative resources for the busy teacher.  Older articles are archived for quick access and we invite you to contact us with articles or resources that you would like added to the present offering.