The latest edition of Studying Business Grade 12 has been edited to provide updated information and clarity on certain sections and to accommodate the new 2014 SAG (Subject Assessment Guideline) in order to assist Grade 12's with their examination preparation.

New chapters on Corporate Governance and Branding have been added to expand on these concepts which were introduced in previous years but are now accommodated by the new SAG requirements.

Grade 11 Studying Business:

The Grade 11 book follows up on Grade 10 themes and has been written in order to cement concepts for the all-important Grade 12 year. As such it has the following aims:

  • To provide the background to, and integrate with the Grade 12 curriculum.
  • To provide the CORRECT FOCUS for sections which progressively develops between Grades.
  • To give examples of FET type questions for learners to practice on.
  • To cover all the SAG requirements in clearly marked chapters

This Grade 8 Accounting book has been written focusing on the topic of Financial Literacy. The notes on a particular section are followed by fun activities or tasks on those topics.

It is hoped that once you have worked through this book, you will have achieved the following:

  • You will have an understanding of accounting terminology and be able to use it in your daily lives.
  • You will appreciate the accuracy of recording transactions to determine a profit or loss.
  • You will understand the importance of working in a chronological fashion.
  • The tasks would have prepared you to cope with the work you are to do in Grade 9.

This book offers a selection of work from Grade 8 and 9 on two of the three topics in EMS: Economics and Entrepreneurship to introduce young learners to economic and business concepts.

It is divided into four chapters which clearly state the grade that the work relates to. This is to facilitate the process for schools that are using the separate Grade 8 and 9 Studying Business Accounting books. It enables schools to split the Accounting and EMS lessons on the time-table.