Grade 12 Studying Business

Gr12-BusinessStudiesThe New Grade 12 Studying Business textbook maintains the formats followed in the previous years with exercises in a variety of formats and using different approaches to cement the practical application of theoretical concepts, which is an essential skill in the final examinations.

Like the previous books, it has updated research and current examples which are appropriate to the real business world. Labour Law, the King Code and Branding are aspects of interest in this book.

Each of the Grade 10, 11 and 12 Business Study textbooks have an optional workbook which is designed for learners to take their own notes in class or as a study aid. The workbook features mind-maps to complete, study hints and has the same headings as the textbook sections as well as, where necessary, tables and place for sketches. The Grade 10 book is called: Studying Business Working Smarter Workbook.


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    Research 101 Booklet

    Studying-Research-101-CoverThe Excom Publishers Research 101 Booklet was written specifically with the Grade 10 - 12 learner in mind to enable them to develop the required research skills that will stand them in good stead for matric, further studies and their future lives.

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