Grade 10 Studying Business:

Grade 10 Studying Business:

The Grade 10 book has been written to form a solid foundation for learners who are studying commerce. Concepts that carry through from EMS are cemented and new ones introduced to give Grade 10 Learners a good grounding, not only in Business Studies, but also in the essential life-skills which they will use in the future.

Throughout the book learners are challenged to set their own goals, get involved in CSI and environmental projects, as well as take responsibility for their decisions in a variety of practical exercises. Learners are also encouraged to look at a variety of businesses and interact with concepts such as the environments, ethics and entrepreneurship.

The Contract Law chapter enables learners to come to grips with basic legal terminology, which underpins many of the more advanced concepts in Grade 11 and 12.

In addition, learners are required to apply concepts to their personal lives – looking at time management and leadership skills which are essential for success at school and in the future.

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