Research 101 Booklet

Studying-Research-101-CoverThe Excom Publishers Research 101 Booklet was written specifically with the Grade 10 - 12 learner in mind to enable them to develop the required research skills that will stand them in good stead for matric, further studies and their future lives.

 Research is becoming increasingly important in both academic spheres and the world of work. With advanced technology and internet access, data and information is instantly available but the skill to prioritise, use and correctly apply it needs to be taught thoroughly and practiced often. Universities are appealing to schools to ensure that students are equipped with these skills before first year.
A quick search of current affairs will also reveal that plagiarism is rife in all spheres of society - academia, music, film, books, political speeches to name but a few - and students need the knowledge and skills to navigate their way through this minefield.

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